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Artist Statement

Artistic expression is as much a gift to me as it is a gift I offer to others. Creating art brings me JOY! By sharing art it is my intention to share my joy with others, by connecting people with a common experience, sparking their imaginations, and, of course, inspiring them to smile. My reward is seeing the wonder and awe on their faces and a sparkle in their eyes. The process of creation evokes a feeling in me that ANYTHING is possible, that we are limitless beings. I hope that others feel this, as well, while in the presence of my art.

Art is an experience and for each individual that experience is different. Project creation with a client or other artists is a phenomenal, and often entertaining, process. I enjoy discovering and observing the varied ideas and perspectives brought to the "table". I feel it is an honor to experience the creative process with others and welcome the gift of a unique perspective. Even during creation of my private artwork, I often have input from friends and family. For me, inspiration flows from all directions.

As a child I was always inspired by the trees around me. I was fascinated by the surplus of trees with the never-ending twists and turns of their branches and barks. I often found myself drawing them and studying their movements. I didn't realize how important this would prove to be at the time. Later, at Disney's Animal Kingdom, Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure, and with my company, Carved Creations, Inc., I have created cement tree sculptures so "true-to-life", that people believe they grew where they stand.

Using cement medium, I have duplicated a wide variety of textures in my sculpture. I have also been blessed to have restored many sculptures, fireplaces, fountains, etc. dating as far back as the 16th century. I have a deep respect and abiding love for the versatility of cement, and always strive to maintain that same characteristic as an artist. Currently, I am exploring the creation of textures in joint compound using leaves, pine needles, and other natural "tools" combined with paint and stains. My exploration remains boundless and on-going, and I am always excited to see what comes next!

"When it comes to creation, there is no limitation!" ~ Jessica Lyn

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