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This bar was originally built of wood with metal poles
to hold up the awning. It was covered with 3 textures
Bamboo, Wood and Rock.


This is a close-up of the poles holding up the awning.
Originally they were just small metal poles. Much better now!


This adobe was built with an insulated fire brick so that it can
have real fires in it. It's right next to the Jacuzzi!! Nice!
Also, the trees behind it are an ingenious way to cover those
support beams that are so necessary, but not too pretty.


Here is a close-up of one of the trees in the previous picture.
This bark, as well as almost all of the carving you're seeing,
is hand carved. That's right! All original!


Another great way to hide those support beams.
And weather proof!!


A unique idea for a jacuzzi addition. This is actually a Jacuzzi
for a boat that needed a home and there wasn't a boat in sight,
so we did the next best thing . . . Dug a hole, of course!


I think it's happier here than on a boat. What do you think?


This bar needed a footrest that could standup to Florida's sun,
rain, and humidity. What better than cement bamboo???


The little tiki guys were needed to hold it up.
They love their job. Really!


This tree covers a very large support beam.
It's 14' tall!


This tree is on the back of a pool slide, covering the pump house.
Pretty smart, huh? It was much more attractive and cut the
noise down to almost none. AND, there's a planter on top!


Not so pretty, huh? Don't worry. It gets better in the next picture.


Aaahhh! Feel better? A little imagination and
hard work goes a long way!


Where there is nothing, there IS something, possibility!


The adobe in this picture is just for candles, but it still creates
a nice ambiance. So do the light fixtures on the wall.
Very nice at night.




The lighting created a relaxing space at night.



The planters and the steps are the next phase of this project.


Definitely an improvement!


By the way, the coloring is done with stains and dyes, no paint,
and then sealed to protect from weather and sun.


The railings for this bridge were created using metal
that was covered and carved to look like wood.


Here is a close-up of the wood that was carved
for the walkway of the bridge.


This house was built with a column missing. The new
owner wasn't satisfied with this and searched for the
pre-fabricated column with no success.


Here is the column that was created copying
the texture of the existing ones.


Here's a close-up. The owners much happier now!

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